Chrono-log Model 490 4+

Optical aggregation and ristocetin cofactor testing in 8 test samples

Chrono-log Model 490 4+4

Sample Volumes - 250 µL [spacers not required] or 500 µL

Continuous monitoring with warning messages for temperature and stirring Speed

Over-range detection to prevent operation if baseline does not set

LCD display with pushbutton settings

Improved calibration of optical circuits with NEW calibration kit

Customized/selectable tracing colors

Chrono-log Model 490 in actionChrono-log Model 490 in action


  • Model 490 4+ – can be purchased separately and includes Test Channels (1) thru (4), an internal AGGRO/LINK® computer interface with (2) software packages … AGGRO/LINK® Opti8 for performing Aggregation and vW CoFactor Opti8 for performing Ristocetin CoFactor testing plus a Starter Kit of Reagents and Supplies.

  • Model 490 +4 – expands the 4-channel module to (8) channels … Test Channels (5) thru (8) … requiring only a single interconnecting cable.

  • Model 490 4+4 – a complete 8-channel system [two, 4-channel modules]

Main Advantages

  • Reduce Blood Draw Volume ... ideal for small samples as only 250 µL of PRP is required per test

  • Use Less Reagent per Test ... Save money!

  • Improve Turn-Around Time ... One (1) run and done! Test with (2) ADP, (1) collagen, (1) arachidonic acid, (1) epinephrine, (2) ristocetin and (1) other reagent

  • Maintain Accuracy ... and the reliability you expect from Chrono-log with improved self-calibration of optical circuits

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