A fully automatic, random access analyzer designed to support the modern laboratory

Capacity of 100 samples

High throughput up to 450 tests per hour

Bi-directional LIMS ready

Reduced reagents and waste volume

Low power and water consumption

Automated cuvette cleaning

AMS Smartchem 450 detail


Thanks to its loading capacity (100 samples, 72 reagents) and its capacity of 450 tests/hour, the Smartchem 450 is the right solution for all laboratories with its incomparable efficiency.

Barcode readers, ready-to-use reagents with unique inventory management and connectivity; everything has been designed to optimize both the performance and the autonomy of the Smartchem 450, which will reduce the preparation time of your analyses.

AMS Smartchem 450 detail


The Smartchem 450 is a fully automated discrete analyzer that provides one of the best returns over investment on the market, reduces the time of analysis as well as the risk of errors. The analyses are optimized, simplified and accelerated by the use of dedicated ready to use reagents available for most of the parameters. 

It uses a proven concept of washable and reusable cuvettes, whose integrity is guaranteed by an integrated wash and control station before and after every analysis. 

AMS Smartchem 450 software


The Smartchem 450 uses new user-friendly operating software that drives all the operations with its intuitive access concept compatible with a touch screen.  The device can be controlled wirelessly using a touch screen tablet or remotely through a web interface. Many settings (such as pre-cleaning of the cuvettes and calibrations) can be programmed in advance in order to optimize the machine operators' time.

AMS Smartchem 450 detail


he Smartchem 450 is the most flexible analyzer of the market, adapted to all laboratories capacities. It uses the latest innovations of discrete technology in order to offer more flexibility, precision, simplicity and rapidity, and ultimately, better results. 

The development and introduction of capped sample tubes· minimizes the risk of Ammonia cross-contamination as well as reducing evaporation. Capping also reduces the effects of aerial factors that interfere with parameters such as pH and conductivity. 

Main Advantages

  • Fully automated instrument

  • Long-life cuvettes with integrated

  • Cuvette Quality Assurance System

  • Record capacity of 100 samples

  • Cadmium module for Nitrate analysis

  • ISE module for pH, conductivity and Redox analysis

  • Barcode reading for samples and reagents

  • Reagents inventory management

  • New user friendly software

  • Ready-to-use reagents

  • High throughput up to 450 tests/hour

Available Reagents

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