Enverdi BOD Kit

Main Advantages

  • Fast: analytical results obtained in 48 hours

  • Profitable: the microplate format provides a sharp decrease in analytical costs, up to 3-fold High-throughput: one kit enables to perform up to 80 BOD5 (no replicates) or 40 (with duplicates)

  • Unique: unique analytical tool for regulatory analysis and WWTPs’ operation monitoring

  • Small: incubation takes place directly in the fluorescence reader, bench surface less than 1m2

  • Simple: 45 minutes are required to prepare 40 duplicated samples, which is 5 to 10 times faster than the conventional method

  • Automated: data recording and management are fully automated

  • Ready-to-use: ready-to-use solution including reagents - calibration standards - microplate - bacterial seed - fluorescence microplate reader

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